Editorials The joy of playing ball takes over the fields and spectators

Mothers, fathers, guardians and their own encouragers are an important part of the Helsinki Junior Football Cup.

Football The European Championships were concluded with their coronavirus infections, partly accompanied by conflicting moods and the excessive emotional turmoil of some supporters. In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the joy of playing and exercising will replace this week, when the Helsinki Cup children’s and youth football tournament fills the fields and appears in the cityscape.

In the traditional way, the tournament is visible and heard all over Helsinki, although due to the coronavirus crisis, special attention has been paid to health safety. The match schedule is loose, the spectators are supposed to take care of safety gaps, and the games are streamed.

There are nearly 1,400 teams and about 20,000 players, whose enthusiasm is likely to be boosted by the fact that the hobbies of children and young people have been on hiatus. The dignity and experientiality, on the other hand, is enhanced by the fact that there are also games on the grass of the renovated Olympic Stadium, the home ground of the Owls.

The junior tournament, which emphasizes community, brings a positive atmosphere, life and liveliness to city life in Helsinki. It mixes a touch of internationality after a long silence, as in addition to domestic teams, there are players from Estonia and France.

Since 1976 Over the years, the Helsinki Cup has grown into one of the largest junior football tournaments in Europe, which is the star moment of the year for many football juniors. As it grows, the tournament has also changed from a summer event run by a crowd to a professional one.

Although the big tournament already requires the input of professionals, the Helsinki Cup is still a celebration for families. Mothers, fathers, coaches and guardians, as well as their own incentive forces, are an important part of the joy of working together that is at the heart of such a junior event.

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