Editorial There is now a lot at stake in the social negotiations

Collective bargaining is always difficult, but now there is also a basis for bargaining. Following the spin-offs of the forest and technology industries, the negotiating position differs significantly from the previous round of federations.

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In the previous round of collective bargaining, the sum began to dissolve when the outcome of the technology industry negotiations was approved in January 2020. The agreement was commented on by the chairman of the Confederation of Finnish Industry, Riku Aalto (left) and vice-chairman Turja Lehtonen.

28.7. 20:15

Although existing collective agreements are in force in most areas until the end of the year, negotiations on new agreements are already in full swing.

The negotiating position differs considerably from a couple of years ago, especially in the export sectors. Of the employers’ organizations representing them, the Forest Industry has completely separated and the Technology Industry has partly separated from concluding national collective agreements.

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