Editorial The risks and benefits of vaccines must be weighed, but the balance must be properly calibrated

Many countries are now taking extra time to use Astra Zeneca’s vaccines to find out the link between vaccination and vascular thrombosis. On the other hand, delayed vaccination increases the risk of developing or dying from severe covid disease.

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In Finland, vaccination is also continuing with the vaccines of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Astra Zeneca, although in many countries overtime has been taken to find out whether receiving the vaccine is related to blood clots.­

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Coronavirus pandemic restraint is a diabolical problem. It is a matter of constantly weighing different choices, values ​​and risks. In the third wave of the pandemic, a more dangerous virus variant is spreading. Every vaccine is vital. There are now a situation where more than a dozen countries have suspended the use of Astra Zeneca as a precautionary measure when investigating the link between the vaccine and vascular thrombosis.

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