Editorial The judiciary betrayed the brave women

Bill Cosby was released from prison due to a legal form. It was a bad failure for the American judiciary.

Pennsylvania on Wednesday, the Supreme Court released actor Bill Cosby, who had served about two years of a 3- to 10-year sentence in 2018 for drugging and rape of basketball manager Andrea Constand. According to the court, Cosby and the prosecutor had entered into an agreement in 2005 that no new charges should have been brought against Cosby.

In recent years, as many as 60 women have reported that the actress has drugged and exploited them in recent years. According to them, the actor had pressured or paid for his victim to be silent. The American judiciary has betrayed brave women who dared to go public.

The revelation of Bill Cosby’s actions was a huge shock at the time, as the actor had been an important role model for blacks since the 1960s. The Bill Cosby show, which is also popular in Finland, renewed the image of the black middle class and family life in the 1980s. Despite his release, the 83-year-old actor is a labeled man and a wreck who lost his former reputation.

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