Editorial The Deputy Chancellor of Justice duly gave a bile out of Supo’s supervision

According to the Office of the Chancellor of Justice, confidence in the impartiality of officials has been compromised.

Deputy Chancellor of Justice Mikko Puumalainen rebuked on Tuesday the Ministry of the Interior for having inspected the activities of its permanent employer, Supo, by two of its officials on leave from the security police. According to Puumalainen, this jeopardized confidence in the impartiality of officials.

In Supo, the subject of the inspection had been, among other things, secret information gathering and secret coercive measures, as well as their internal legality control.

Credible monitoring is essential when it targets an authority such as Supo, which has powers that violate fundamental and human rights.

The new intelligence laws came into force only two years ago. At the time, citizens were assured that controls would work. Now it seems that there is room for improvement.

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