Editorial The British, who voted in favor of EU separation, now find that they bought the pig in a sack

In the coming months, the political and economic total of the bill due to Britain’s EU gap will be specified. The price is hard, but it should have been known.

Britain wanted more independence when it seceded from the European Union. “Take back control” was the most famous slogan of those who demanded EU separation.

Withdrawal from the Union is, of course, possible, and if you are willing to pay for independence, the road is open. The problem was that when the resignation had to be decided, the price was not known – it could not even be guessed. Some people thought Britain would save by resigning, some knew the difference was something they would pay. It is only now that Britain has seceded from the Union and the transition period is over that the political and economic price of “new independence” begins to unfold.

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