Editorial Society overestimates people’s digital ideas

People seek help from libraries for e-commerce.

Espoo Éva Kelemen, the library advisor at the Cello Library, deals with many other things in her work than books. In fact, he, like many other library advisers, has become a citizen helpdesk (HS 11.10.).

In her work, Kelemen has found that society overestimates people’s digital ideas. Services are being electrified, both public and commercial. However, not all citizens are keeping up.

The customer service point asks for advice on doing business in online banking, applying for a place to study, looking for a rental apartment, looking for a job, using a printer, filling in health-related forms and sometimes also making a dating report.

According to Kelemen, Kela, you office, insurance companies, telephone companies and banks even advise people to turn to the library. However, should the responsibility for advising customers not lie with the service providers who benefit from digitalisation?

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