Editorial Massacres have become a country habit in the United States

The 21-person school shoot in Uvalde, Texas, continues the gloomy history of mass shootings. The United States has surrendered to armed violence.

Texas The mass shooting that claimed 19 children and two adults in Uvalde on Tuesday has forced Americans to face the complete failure of their country’s arms policy. Once again, the media is filled with the crying relatives of the victims, the surprised comments of those who knew the murderer – one would not have thought – and the hesitant condolences of the politicians.

This was the sixth most casual shooting in the United States in the last 30 years. That’s why it became a news topic, unlike the daily smaller mass shootings.

The shock to the people was compounded by the fact that the victims were children. It recalled the 2012 school shoot of Sandy Hook. It killed 28 people, 20 of whom were children aged 6-7.

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Sandy Hook was a turning point in the gun debate, sadly in a bad way. The massacre caused such a huge shock that supporters of the arms restrictions finally imagined that things would change. When nothing happened, hope has turned into despair.

The Armed Forces has spread the conspiracy theory that no school shootings took place in Sandy Hook and the victims ’parents were hired Actors. This is a good illustration of how deeply the arms debate in the United States has sunk.

President Joe Biden and Democrats have already announced that a bill passed by the House of Representatives to better scrutinize the backgrounds of gun buyers will be put to the vote in the Senate. The blackmail would be small, but Republicans are believed to be buried with their braking. The party is deep in the pockets of the arms lobbyists and does not want to tighten but relax the arms laws.

The situation is appalling. Decision-makers are powerless or reluctant to do anything, even though everyone knows that somewhere the next group shooter is already preparing for their action.

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