Editorial In Hong Kong, another sample of the delicate leather of the Chinese leadership was obtained again

The court sentenced young independence and democracy activist Tony Chung to more than three and a half years in prison.

China’s the harsh grip on Hong Kong was again reminded when 20-year-old independence activist Tony Chung was sentenced on Tuesday to more than three and a half years in prison. Chung has so far been convicted under the strictest national security law.

The Chinese leadership passed the law in the summer of 2020 when it wanted to defeat Hong Kong’s democracy protests. They called for greater self-government for Hong Kong, and the central government became nervous as the popularity of independence speeches grew.

Those in favor of independence are a small minority in Hong Kong, but China will not even tolerate a debate on the issue. The new law effectively banned pro-independence actions and criticism of the Chinese leadership, and ended democracy education in schools. China justified the law on the grounds that some of the protests had been violent. It had divided the Hong Kong people.

Hong Kong and its judiciary are in a tighter grip than before. Chung’s verdict is the latest example of the delicate leather of the Chinese leadership.

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