Editorial Finnish crisis management would need vaccines

Finland cannot send people to crisis management tasks without coronavirus vaccination.

Shortage Finland’s participation in military and civilian crisis management is affected by the differing views of the Foreign Service and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on coronavirus vaccines. Although many professional groups from teachers to nursing staff urgently need the vaccine, the situation in crisis management tasks is that Finns will soon no longer be able to continue in operations.

There are about 350 Finns in various crisis management positions in the world. One Finn who worked in civilian crisis management positions has died of a coronavirus abroad. Last week, the Defense Forces evacuated 23 Finnish peacekeepers from Lebanon due to infections. UN, EU and NATO operations will soon require that only vaccinees be sent to operations.

Many other countries vaccinate not only those working in crisis management but also the diplomats they send to the world. Finland’s expectations for their work are high, and health risks are now high.

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