Editorial | Brave Iranian women burn their scarves in protest of police brutality

The protests were sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amin, who was arrested by the chastity police.

Thousands Iranian women demonstrate naked in the streets and burn their hijab scarves as a protest against the discretion of the chastity police and police violence. The women’s protests have the ingredients of a new kind of movement, and it clearly worries Iran’s hard-line and old regime.

The protests were sparked by the death of 22-year-old Iranian woman Mahsa Amin last Friday. A policeman who observes women’s clothing arrested Amin at a metro station in Tehran. The police are suspected of abusing Amin, who had to be rushed to the hospital in connection with the arrest. Amini died in hospital, but the police deny violence.

Women’s protests quickly spread across Iran. Women have demonstrated before in Iran, but not this bravely. The fact that Amini was Kurdish can add to the tension.

The administration apparently did not immediately understand how extensive the movement was. At first, special police forces made up of women were sent to subdue the demonstrations. However, the protests are no longer about restrictions on women, but about a wider discontent, and men are also involved in the protests. There has been widespread opposition to the Iranian leadership outside of Iran as well.

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Several people have died in clashes with the security authorities. Demonstrators, on the other hand, have, among other things, burned police cars and destroyed property.

Iran’s the government systematically persecutes women and violates human rights by preventing the flow of information and peaceful demonstrations.

Protests Iran tames with violence. The situation is particularly worrying because the Iranian regime cut off internet connections and social media platforms. You can’t get in touch with people or get information about the course of events.

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