Editorial | A terrible ship visited Helsinki

The USS Kearsarge’s visit to Finland reminds us of how serious times are now.

American On Monday, the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge left Helsinki for the waters of Hanko for joint exercises with the Navy. The exercises are guaranteed to be out of the ordinary, because the massive amphibious assault ship is something completely different from the warships that normally sail in the narrow Baltic Sea. At 114 meters, the record-long corvettes of the Navy’s Fleet 2020 program are less than half the size of an American ship.

An American ship visited Finland to send a message to Russia: Finland is now under the protection of the United States. Finland was promised support from many NATO countries during the membership process, and it has indeed been received. There have been plenty of different war machines in Finland this summer. Support from partners is important to Finland.

For the curious gathered in the summer Hernesaari, the large warship was a source of wonder and a spectacular background for selfies – although there really isn’t much reason to smile. When the arrival of a terrible weapon of destruction like the USS Kearsarge in Finland is a good thing, we are living in really bad times.

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