Ecuador | The President of Ecuador declared a state of emergency due to drug violence

Violence in Ecuador has increased further in recent times.

In Ecuador president Guillermo Lasso declared a state of emergency on Monday due to drug violence. The state of emergency is scheduled to last two months. Lasso has also ordered police and army to the streets.

In a speech on television, Lasso said that in recent years, Ecuador has changed from a country that smuggles drugs into a country that uses drugs.

Lasso also appointed a new defense minister on Monday. The retired general took office Luis Hernandez. Lasso justified the appointment on the grounds of lack of public safety in Ecuador.

Violence has increased in Ecuador in recent months. According to official sources, almost 1,900 homicides were committed in the country between January and October, compared to about 1,400 last year as a whole.

Ecuador has suffered from repeated bloody prison battles.

In the most recent clash of prison gangs at the end of September, at least 118 prisoners were killed and 86 prisoners were wounded in Guayaquil prison. It was one of the most deadly prison battles in South America.

A total of about 240 inmates have died in Ecuadorian prisons this year. Prisons have become battlefields for thousands of inmates with links to Mexico’s powerful drug cartels. In overcrowded prisons in the country, there is a general shortage of staff.

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