Early childhood education Helsinki set up a crisis team to find a way out of day care problems

Kindergarten workers are again proposed to publish work clothes.

Helsinki the city will set up a new cross-administrative task force to address the severe shortage of staff in kindergartens.

The task of the group is to find and implement concrete ways to address the shortage of staff in early childhood education, both now and in the long term.

“Without concrete, sustainable measures and strong lobbying and co-operation with the state, we will not be able to reverse the shortage of staff,” said the mayor. Juhana Vartiainen (kok) says in a press release.

A clear timetable and budget must always be drawn up for the city’s own activities so that they do not remain a buzzword. The new group reports to the mayor several times a year.

Working group the deputy mayor appointed chairman Nasima Razmyar (sd) says that it is very good for him to have a wider representation in the group than just from the education and training industry. The group also has a strong presence in communications, the city’s personnel administration and business policy.

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The group does not directly make decisions about pay, but according to Razmyar, it is also tasked with thinking about big things that affect the living standards of employees, such as employment housing. He should also test whether employees in different neighborhoods should be rewarded in different ways.

“Once it’s more challenging for other areas to get workers, we should try this agilely.”

As a third concrete issue, Razmyar raises the socioms of a professional group that is often left out of the debate, namely early childhood education. The city should say more precisely that they are needed and what their job description is like in Helsinki.

In Helsinki, a working group appointed by the mayor was already working in the previous council to resolve roughly the same issue.

In the metropolitan area there have long been too few qualified early childhood education teachers. Recently, the shortage has affected both permanent jobs and short-term replacements, and there have also been difficulties in finding enough jobs for babysitters.

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Since the beginning of the year, efforts have been made to compensate for staff shortages and sick leave due to the coronavirus by transferring employees from playgrounds to kindergartens. Other city employees have also been temporarily transferred to early childhood education, for example from libraries and sports services.

The city has recently set up a small Rapid Reaction Force to set out to help when the daycare’s own permanent deputies or deputies provided by the Society are not enough.

In this year’s budget negotiations, five million were promised for a payroll development program targeting workers across the city to those sectors with the greatest staff shortages.

Attempts have been made to solve the problem by even smaller means. The previous initiative to publish decent work clothes for kindergartens eventually shrank into hoodies with the Helsinki logo, and even these could not be delivered on time.

Coalition Commissioner Anniina Iskanius is launching a new budget initiative on Wednesday for the purchase of outerwear and footwear for workers.

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