Drugs Topi was a calm child from a good family who started working with amphetamines – This is how to watch from next to how your own child slips into the world of drugs

Minna regularly tells her son Topi that his mother always loves. Top’s sister has taken the tattoo as a tribute to her mother for not abandoning her children in any situation.

As drugs begin to spin your own child’s life, grief and fear sit on the parent’s shoulder. They don’t always relent even after decades. Three parents talk about how the child’s drug problem feels.

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Kaisa Hahto HS

2:00 | Updated 6:30

Sweet little boy sitting on the couch at home. She has a green college shirt and a small child’s uninhibited hair with her forehead hair.

James-father, 55, looks Raimochildhood picture of his son from his computer.

Next, he rolls out the pictures of the open-slit couch and the broken door.

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