Drug crime “El Chapo of Asia”, one of the most sought-after people in the world, has been arrested in Amsterdam

According to Australian police, a criminal organization led by the arrested man controls much of the drug trade in Asia.

Dutch police have said they have arrested a man considered to be the leader of an Asian drug syndicate, according to news agencies Reuters and AFP, among others. The man was one of the most wanted people in the world, and the drug cartel he allegedly led is the largest in Asia, according to AFP.

A Chinese-born Canadian man was apprehended on Friday at Schiphol International Airport at the request of the Australian police leading the investigation into the organization.

According to Australian police who have been chasing the man for about a decade, the criminal organization controls much of the drug trade in Asia and the Pacific, which is about $ 70 billion, or about $ 60 billion. According to Australian police, the organization is believed to be responsible for about 70 per cent of illegal drugs imported into Australia, says the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Man likely to be deported to Australia, said a Dutch police spokesman Thomas Aling According to Reuters.

“He was already on the most wanted list, and he was apprehended based on the intelligence we received,” Aling said.

The man has previously served years of imprisonment for drug offenses, tells the BBC. He has often been compared to El Chapona, a well-known Mexican drug cartel leader Joaquín Guzmániin.


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