Downtown The center group leader resented “social surfers living on social security”, Saarikko spoke in favor of work-related immigration

Annika Saarikko (center) said at the summer meeting of the parliamentary group that she would seek solutions to the labor shortage from immigrants, among others.

Downtown recent chairman of the parliamentary group Juha Pylväs At the summer meeting of the parliamentary group on Wednesday, he divided the foreigners coming to Finland into welcome ones and those who are not needed here.

“Yes, we also need experts from abroad who can make a living from their own work in Finland. On the other hand, we do not need living surfers who live with social security, ”Pylväs said in his speech in Seinäjoki.

According to the column, the most important thing would be to get jobs for the unemployed Finns.

Immediately followed by the Minister of Finance, Chairman of the Center Annika Saarikko said in his speech that he would look for solutions to the labor shortage among immigrants, among others.

“Without a pool of experts from elsewhere, this country will wither,” Saarikko said.

Saarikon believes that in the government budget debate in September, the most important thing is to ensure that workers can be found in the jobs. In addition to immigrants, he would look for solutions in students and pensioners.

Recently, for example, there are many fast food restaurants and some other restaurants as well had to be restricted due to staff shortages.

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According to Saarikko, the income limits for study grants should be raised so that students have a better opportunity to work alongside their studies. According to him, this would also strengthen public finances.

In addition, Saarikko would make the taxation of pensioners “fairer” for those who work in addition to their pension. According to Saarikko, Finland’s interest rate strategy has also had an impact. According to him, decisions on employment measures are made in the budget debate.

The archipelago also commented under the budget debate discussion agricultural climate emissions. According to Saarikko, speeches have recently been heard in which “Finnish farmers are reportedly the brake on climate change”.

“Farmers and forest owners do know what they are doing,” Saarikko said.

The archipelago emphasized the role of farmers and forest owners in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. According to him, the emergence of a voluntary carbon sequestration market should be supported.

Saarikko proposed developing the climate fund so that it would serve as a platform for the carbon exchange. According to Saarikko, it could also be used to finance carbon sequestration.

According to Saarikko, the center will not be left on the wrong side of history in climate change. According to him, the values ​​of the city center are based on sustainable consumption, frugality and reasonableness.

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Afghanistan Saarikko did not make new openings about the situation, but spoke specifically about the distress experienced by children, women and mothers.

“We cannot close our eyes and hearts to the humanitarian crisis,” Saarikko said.

“It’s not our human image, the downtown, it’s not our worldview.”

According to Saarikko, the EU and the West have a place of introspection, and he believes that the situation in Afghanistan will mark the beginning of a new era in peace efforts.

The archipelago also spoke along with a talk on the nature and electoral success of the center. The better-than-expected success of the municipal elections and the good atmosphere, he said, are good first steps.

He described the upcoming regional elections as teasing.

“Perhaps it is the case that in any other party, provincial elections are not really even happily expected?” The archipelago asked.

According to Saarikko, the goal of the city center in the provincial elections is to have at least one SOTE office in each municipality.



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