Downtown Downtown Saarikko warns of a “sprinkling way of speaking” in politics and criticizes the basic Finnish school campaign – “The allegations are irresponsible”

Annika Saarikko, the chairman of the center, assured at the winter meeting of the center’s parliamentary group that the center will adhere to home care support. He also called for investment to be stepped up with a one-year deadline for licensing.

21.1. 10:18

Downtown chairman Annika Saarikko strongly criticizes the campaign against basic Finnish schools, in which students have been asked for information about the possible bias of teaching.

“I can’t stand the idea of ​​casting a shadow over almost a hundred thousand Finnish teachers for their lack of professionalism,” Saarikko said on Thursday when speaking at the winter meeting of the Parliament’s parliamentary group in Helsinki.

“There are smart children and young people in this country – and they have the best teachers in the world. Yet Basic Finns hint at their brainwashing children. Those allegations are irresponsible and lead nowhere, ”he continued.

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Saarikko referred to a campaign with Perussuomalainen youth and MP Jani Mäkelä attracted widespread attention last week. Basic Finnish youth asked to send experiences and bias in teaching in schools to the organization with messages and pictures. The underlying idea was that basic Finns would be treated differently in schools from other parties.

The campaign received strong criticism from, among others, the Education Trade Union (OAJ). The opening was perceived as pressure and was feared to lead to the painting of teachers.

The archipelago in his speech, he also highlighted the political climate and, for example, the former prime minister Juha Sipilä violence against women. Sipilä was visited two weeks ago near the Parliament House. Police investigates the incident as a suspected assault.

“Our time is a nested way of speaking. And not just speech. Radical speeches lead to radical deeds. Now is the time to understand it at the latest. ”

He stressed the consequences of speeches and the responsibility of speakers also among politicians.

“The violence against our colleague Juha is reprehensible and contemptuous. I am also deeply aware of certain shades of the associated wood, ”Saarikko said.

He apparently referred in the tones of the aftermath to how the course of events has been questioned in online discussions.

Downtown As for the political line, Saarikko argued that the center should be “the leading party in non-leftist Finland.” He said the center will present many social openings in the coming weeks.

In his speech, he criticized other parties for focusing solely on acute crisis management and emphasized post-crisis reconstruction.

“Too often, it feels like the Center is still a bit alone in this reconstruction work. As if other parties were stuck dealing with the crisis phase. ”

In concrete terms Saarikko raised the issue of accelerating investments by speeding up permit procedures. According to him, the duration of the permitting processes should be subject to a maximum time limit for consideration by the authority and different permits for the same investment project should be combined under one permit. Saarikko always referred to projects from wind farms to barns or battery factories.

“According to various estimates, investments of up to billions could start earlier. This is a genuine, sustainable and free resuscitation, ”Saarikko said.

As well as the archipelago that the chairman of the parliamentary group also spoke at the meeting Antti Kurvinen also stressed, among other things, that the center will adhere to the home care allowance by the surgeries has recently spoken in public as part of possible employment measures.

“The center relies on people’s choices. Defending home care support is an example of us trusting families, ”Saarikko said.

“Moms and dads want options to build their own daily lives. The center will stick to it, it will fight for this. ”


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