Downhill Jumping The Salpausselä race ended with a Norwegian party on a hill – Niko Kytösaho was the only Finn to jump to the second round in Suurmäki, Lahti.

Norway’s Robert Johansson corrected the victory after compatriot Halvor Egner Granerud overturned his excessive jump.

Blocking back There was a lonely Finnish lucky man in the big hill race Niko Kytösaho, who was the only Finn to get to the second round. Kytösaho jumped 121 meters in the opening round and went from the 20th place to the second round. In the second round, he missed the opening round by a meter and finished 24th.

“The jumps were good by the way, but the effort was late both times. I can be happy with the result, but the jumps are still not as good as in the exercises, ”Kytösaho told STT

“The baseline has risen a lot since last year. Competing is now fun when I know that the basic level is enough for the second round of the World Cup. ”

Antti Aalto and Jarkko Määttä jumped 118 meters each and Eetu Nousiainen jumped 111.5 meters. After the opening round, Määtä was placed 35th, Aalto 36th and Nousiainen 44th.

In the opening round of Norway Halvor Egner Granerud left the others far behind by jumping as much as 132.5 meters. After the opening round, Egner Granerud, who led the race, jumped an extra long jump in the second round and crashed in the descent.

The second jump carried 137.5 meters. The crash vaccinated the points so much that the Norwegian eventually finished fourth.

Norwegian Robert Johansson corrected the victory by jumping first to 128.5 meters and second to 126.5 meters.

German Markus Eisenbichler rose to the second podium after jumping 129.5 and 128.5 meters. Countryman Karl Geiger was third after jumping 130.5 and 126 meters.


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