Doping | Wada investigates removal of cannabis from doping list, backed by tragic run of American sprinter

A one-month ban on cannabis for sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson could lead to a rule change.

International anti-doping agency Wada is considering removing cannabis from the list of banned substances.

According to Wada, several of its members have proposed clarifying the status of cannabis as a doping substance.

The background of the investigation is a sprinter To Sha’Carri Richardson imposed a one-month ban on cannabis use.

Richardson won the U.S. Olympic qualifiers but did not make it to the Games because his results were rejected due to a doping offense.

Richardson, 21, said he used cannabis to cope with the emotional storm caused by the death of his biological mother.

“I was trying to escape my pain,” Richardson commented According to CNN in July.

He assured him that he was playing sports by clean means.

“I do everything naturally. I don’t use steroids and nothing else. It was just cannabis. ”

Richardson received support from many athletes and celebrities who felt the doping code was outdated.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Usada and the U.S. Athletics Federation also showed sympathy for Richardson.

CEO of Usada Travis T. Tygart described Richardson’s situation in many ways heartbreaking. However, the penalty had to be imposed according to the rules in force, he pointed out.

The status of cannabis has been clarified by, among others, the president of the International Athletics Federation Sebastien Coe.

Under current rules, cannabis can be banned for up to four years.

The penalty may be reduced to three months if the athlete can show that he has not tried to improve his athletic performance with it.

If an athlete commits to an anti-drug treatment program, the penalty may be dropped to a month.

According to Wada, cannabis will remain on the list of banned substances in any case for at least the next year.

Sources: BBC, AFP.



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