Doping | The former doctor at the top bike stable was embezzled in court: “He not only pushed to the border but crossed it”

Team Sky’s British doctor Richard Freeman got out loud on Friday.

On Friday a former doctor from the top cycling garage Team Sky, who was heard by the court Richard Freemania was accused of “crossing the border” in his job.

Freeman has been reported, among other things, to prescribe testosterone to cyclists at a 2011 track cycling competition in Manchester.

“He did it because it was his job as the team’s lead doctor,” the prosecutor said Simon Jackson said the news agency AFP.

“He not only pushed to the border but crossed it.”

Freeman has acquitted 18 of the 22 charges. The British doctor denied knowing that testosterone was intended for cyclists.

Freeman reiterated a statement he had already made on Friday, according to which the Testogel sachets were intended for the technical director of Team Sky Shane Suttonin for the treatment of erection problems.

British magazine The Guardian said in October, how Freeman destroyed his laptop with a screwdriver and a blunt object before the machine fell into the hands of forensic experts.

Freeman’s hearing will continue on Monday. The case will be handed down in March.


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