Doping | Doping doctor may lose license – Ordered testosterone for cyclist, claimed to be executive director of erectile dysfunction

A former doctor of the British Cycling Federation has been found guilty of doping charges. It is now being investigated whether he can still work as a doctor.

Britannian a former doctor of the Sky Team, the top stable of the cycling federation and road cycling Richard Freeman is potentially losing its right to practice medicine as a result of the doping trial, says Guardian.

Freeman has admitted 18 of the 22 charges against him in a trial that began in 2019. Last Friday, he was found guilty of 21 charges.

Among other things, that he has ordered testosterone at the headquarters of the British Cycling Union, knowing that it will be given to riders for doping purposes.

Freeman had claimed that he ordered the test gel in 2011 from the then CEO Shane Suttonin erectile dysfunction. Sutton vehemently denied this and the court found Freeman’s claim untrue.

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Now Freeman is potentially losing his license to practice medicine. The Medical Practitioners Court ruled on Thursday that Freeman’s misconduct was serious, involved dishonesty, and was likely to cause harm to patients.

The court noted that Freeman’s ability to practice his profession had declined, but was still considering sanctions.

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