Dogs In the future, the dog will be allowed to shop for food according to the law – however, the Merchant may issue a gate ban

For the time being, the stores have reservations about the reform, as customers are also allergic. The merchant can prevent or restrict pets from entering the grocery store.

Pet, as the dog can be taken to grocery shopping in the future. According to a recent regulation of food hygiene by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, a pet can be brought with it to a shop or kiosk, for example.

In the past, an assisting dog such as a guide dog has been allowed to be brought into the customer premises of a registered food apartment, such as a store.

Kesko’s service manager Marita Hätönen says the matter is still new to stores.

“The matter is new, so so far it is still difficult to take a more detailed position on this and possible future practices,” Hätönen emphasizes.

Kesko lets retailers make a local decision.

“Decisions are made, at least for the time being, on a store-by-store basis, taking into account the local situation,” Hätönen says.

SOK has reservations. Planning Director Mika Lyytikäinen SOK says SOK does not currently consider it necessary to allow pets access to grocery stores

“Sure, we’re monitoring the situation. We have considered this from the perspective of customer safety and comfort. We have people among our customers who are allergic to animals and who do not want to be near the animals. ”

According to the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association, about 15 percent of Finns get allergy symptoms from pets. The most typical symptom is sneezing, but pets can also get severe asthma symptoms.

“Many customers may be afraid of dogs, so getting animals into the grocery store would be challenging. We would like everyone to be able to come to our stores equally, ”says Lyytikäinen.

More than 300 people responded to the HS survey on pets in the early part of the year. In addition to allergy concerns, the responses highlighted fears about animals, among other things.

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Restaurateur has previously been able to allow a pet to be brought into the customer premises. A possible amendment to this regulation entered into force in 2012.

Dog-friendly restaurants can be found Paws on the map from. According to the website, there are more than 200 restaurants in Helsinki, where dogs are welcome. In some restaurants the pet can only be accessed on the terrace, in some also indoors. Many restaurants promise the dog at least water and scratches.

However, a pet owner doing business in the grocery store has had to exclude his dog from the store. The phenomenon is so familiar that dogs waiting for their owner have even gotten to something. In February, HS reported an Instagram account depicting dogs waiting outside the store.

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Canine importation will not always be possible. The merchant can give pets permission to enter or a gate ban by notifying at the entrance.

A similar sign must have been at the entrance to the dog-friendly restaurant.

For example, the sign may restrict the number of animals allowed in by species or size. For example, a merchant may only allow pets under five pounds to enter.



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