Documents Singer Demi Lovato says she was raped as a teenager while working in a Disney production

Lovato, who experienced a dangerous overdose three years ago, says in a new documentary series that he encountered sexual violence as a teenager.

American actor-singer Demi Lovato says in a recent documentary series that he was raped as a teenager.

Lovato talks about it in a documentary series produced by Youtube Dancing with Devil, which was premiered by a Texan South by Southwest festival on Tuesday. In the same document, Lovato also talks about his drug addiction and drug overdose, which was close to leading to death in 2018.

Lovato, 28, has spoken openly about her substance abuse problem in public before.

Lovato says in a documentary, according to news agency AFP, that she lost her virginity in rape as a teenager. Lovato does not name the culprit, or tell when or where the rape took place, but tells him that the perpetrator was familiar. He originally describes the hanging based on consensus as traumatic.

Lovato says the crime took place while he was working at Disney. A breakthrough in Lovaton’s career came when he played Disney on the channel at the age of 15 Camp Rock in the musical film in 2008.

In the documentary see an archive interview Camp Rock of the sequels to the film, in which 17-year-old Lovato says he has become a little more aware of how people work in the film industry.

“I think I can protect myself a little better these days,” Lovato says in an interview According to The Guardian.

21st century in the first decade, many youth stars who played at Disney studios, such as Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, wore the so-called purity ring, a sign of virginity used in Christian communities before marriage.

Lovato also says The Guardian said he wore the ring and put pressure on him to maintain his “image of purity”. It was difficult for him to acknowledge the act as rape.

“The Christian girl in me didn’t want to see it happen. The author never got into trouble, but continued to work on the same production. ”

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