Do you know these expressions and abbreviations in English? Measure yourself in this test


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(Reference photo).

(Reference photo).

They are terms that we take from English to save time and space by reducing sentences.

October 26, 2022, 06:16 AM Today, many Spanish-speakers are inspired by the English language and have taken the opportunity to

‘steal’ its many, and sometimes eccentric, acronyms.

(Also: Rishi Sunak, richer than King Charles: this is the fortune of the new ‘premier’) Esteban Touma, a teacher at Babbel, the premium language learning platform, explains that “the main purpose of these acronyms is to save time and space by reducing sentences toa collection of letters that are much easier and faster to write and understand

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(You can read: Woman was saved by asking for help with her watch after being buried alive by her husband)

Touma notes that “when acronyms have a meaning that matches that of an established word and are mentioned in a relevant context that two people are familiar with, their processing effort is greatly minimized.”

(Also: Controversy in kindergarten by a teacher who spread glue in the eyes of a minor) “In recent decades, the increased use of English acronyms can be linked to the advent of textual language and Internet jargon, which has led many of us tofind the most effective communication channels

“, Add.

This quiz is for you to see if you know some of the more common acronyms. And if not, so that perhaps you can start applying them in your day to day life. Good luck!

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