Do it this way HS tested a miracle stone that has become a credit tool for many cleaners – pictures before and after show what happened to the problem areas in the home

In the Do It Story series, HS looks for answers to readers ’puzzles. This time we ask how the popular cleaning stone works properly and where it should not be used. At the end of the story, you can suggest your own question.

The HS supplier tested whether the praised refining stone was worthy of its reputation. The stone was tested for cleaning the sink, floor drain, sauna glass door and sneakers.

Oona Laine HS


With its effectiveness the dazzling wonder mushroom is already known to many. But have you heard of the cleaning stone?

Namely, many confuse it with a miracle fungus containing melamine resin.

In reality, however, it is a slightly different cleaning tool.

Home Clean Oy’s CEO Saana Tyni is recognized as a sworn user of cleaning or clay stone.

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