Do it this way Fresh berries can be a shock to the freezer – this is how you store strawberries so that the freezer works like a dream

In the Do It This column, HS looks for answers to readers’ problems. At the heart of this story is the freezer defrost. At the end of the story, you can suggest your own question.

Frostbite ice scale has accumulated so much that you can’t even see behind it. The top freezer compartment is covered under a fluffy and rocky layer of snow.

The sight resembles a tiny glacier.

If you dream of getting the summer berry harvest in the cold or find stuck earsticks behind, the freezer will probably have to be thawed.

Defrosting process even if the situation has not yet become catastrophic.

Service shop Malmberg home appliance repairer Esa Pöyryn According to a regular freezer you can defrost a couple of times a year. This will keep the refrigeration unit in good condition for longer.

“Excessive freezing puts a significant strain on the freezer compressor and the entire cold circuit. When the cabinet is too icy, it has to do more work to reach the right temperature, ”Pöyry describes.

Ideal the temperature in the freezer is 18 minus degrees or slightly colder. Such conditions protect frozen foods from spoilage.

“It must be remembered that ice is not the same as cold. The ice can withstand up to 8-10 degrees, so the icy freezer can actually be quite warm. ”

On the other hand, the freezer is always a little colder from below than from above, as the lower part is far from the defrost resistor.

Pöyry advises storing the most delicate products, such as meat or ice cream, on the lowest floors.

“It’s also cold for the longest time if the freezer happens to break down,” he adds.

Refrigeration equipment the condition is actually affected by where in the kitchen it is.

Pöyry says he has come across numerous cases where kitchen manufacturers have not left enough space in the fridge and freezer for air to escape.

“A refrigeration unit cannot produce cold if steam cannot condense and air cannot be exchanged. This must always be taken into account in the installation work, ”he emphasizes.

When the freezer is then inaugurated, it is important not to overcrowd the cabinet.

The problem arises especially in the summer, when people squeeze tens of pounds of berries into the freezer. If the berries are thrown warm in the freezer, the refrigeration unit will have to do an unreasonable amount of work.

At the same time, the heat of the frozen foods condenses in the coldest place, for example in the evaporator in the freezer.

“Warm berries can be a shock to the freezer,” says Pöyry.

He therefore recommends putting the berries in the refrigerator first, where they can be cooled to a few degrees. The lid of the boxes pushed into the freezer must be closed to prevent the moisture of the berries from spreading into the freezer.

The freezer, which has not been used for a long time, has reached a wild condition. The image is a screenshot taken from Snapchat.

Mistake number one: never use a sharp object to remove ice!

Ordinary According to Pöyry, defrosting the freezer is an easy and quick task. It can be resolved at best in half an hour.

First, it’s in place to turn off the power and take the frozen food out of the closet. They can be put in a cooler, for example, during defrosting.

You should protect the bottom of the freezer with a towel. Defrosting can be enhanced by boiling hot water and placing the pots in the freezer. A hair dryer will also help in the operation.

However, you have to be careful with it. In the worst case, the dryer can melt the plastic parts of the freezer.

“It may seem like it at first, the warm air has no effect, but after a moment’s rumble, it starts to intensify the melting, ”Pöyry assures.

Home appliance repairer emphasizes that the icy surface of the freezer must never be scratched with any sharp edge.

Pöyry recommends trying a wooden spatula at most, which can be used to drip softened ice faster.

“I’ve seen the freezer beaten with a knife. The aluminum evaporator is so sensitive that a sharp object can only get refrigerants into the yard. Suddenly the whole freezer is kaputt and unsuitable for repair. “

There where an ordinary freezer is effortless to defrost, the same cannot be said of a new model no frost from the closet.

Despite its name, it can also mist up and freeze – especially if the freezer is misused.

Pöyry refers to families with children, the youngest of whom may open and close the cabinet carelessly. Then warm air enters the evaporator.

In addition, the cabinet often has a furniture or wooden door. It may be installed at an angle or the door seals are not very well attached, allowing warm air to slip into the freezer. It causes freezing.

“You have to be really careful when installing the cabinet,” Pöyry emphasizes.

No frost -freezer is also much more challenging from a melter’s perspective.

If the lower surface of the evaporator housing is in thick mist or ice, the freezer must be defrosted at the latest.

“When you start that job, it takes about a day,” Pöyry says.

Part according to Pöyry, it flows from the water to be melted no frost to the evaporator in the back of the freezer.

It is a good idea to suck the water that has run into the container from the container, for example with a cloth or sponge.

“It can be squeezed dry and then dried in an aqueous container again. In this way, the smelter can be sure that no water will enter the parquet later, for example. ”

If the cabinet is not pulled but fastened with screws to the furniture, the matter is not so simple.

Then it is appropriate to consider whether it is worth trying to defrost the freezer yourself or call a service technician.

“The reason is the melt water formed during melting. A professional can make sure that the freezer does not damage the installation furniture and the entire floor when defrosted. ”



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