Distribution of assets How will Bill and Melinda Gates ’$ 146 billion assets be divided in divorce? According to the divorce decree, the couple has no marital status

The assets of Bill and Melinda Gates will be divided on the basis of a separate resignation agreement.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates announced on Twitter on Monday that they were divorcing after 27 years of marriage. Despite the resignation, the Gates plan to continue working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which funds work on issues such as health, gender equality and education. According to Bloomberg, the foundation has so far made more than $ 50 billion in donations.

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The common property of the divorcing couple is worth about $ 146 billion, or about $ 120 billion. The couple has not publicly commented on how the division of property will be arranged with the divorce. People magazine However, Melinda Gates says she has seen a resignation petition filed by Melinda Gates that the couple has no marriage and the property will be divided on the basis of a divorce agreement. The content of the agreement is not public.

Bill and Melinda Gates have joint assets worth about $ 146 billion, or about $ 120 billion.­

Bloombergin according to Washington state law may to some extent provide clues as to how the couple’s property will be distributed. The state of Washington recognizes community property, meaning that property acquired during a marriage is considered to be equally the property of both. However, that does not mean that the property is compulsorily divided in divorce.

“It’s not necessarily 50 to 50. The courts can grant more or less depending on what’s fair and reasonable,” the lawyer said. Janet George McKinley of the Irvin law firm told Bloomberg. According to George, the asset allocation procedure may never leak to the public, as it can be dealt with in its entirety through private contracts.

Gatesien the end of marriage will be another major news among the big names in the economic world in the next few years. With Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezosin and MacKenzie Scottin the union ended in resignation in 2019, Scott also rose to the list of the richest people in the world.

However, according to Bloomberg, Gates ’asset allocation may be more complex, as Bezos’ assets were largely concentrated in Amazon shares. Although Gates’ assets come from Microsoft, the company’s shares are likely to account for less than 20 percent of its assets. Over the years, Gates has transferred much of his ownership to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and his exact ownership has not been revealed since he left Microsoft’s board last year.

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