Director Hassan Kashmoula: Said to collaborate with Hatem Al-Iraqi

The young director, Hassan Kashmoula, expressed great happiness for the success of the last video song “Your Love to My Own” by Hatem Al-Iraqi, who directed it in a video clip in Dubai, UAE, and crossed the two and a half million views within a week of its presentation, stressing that he was honored to cooperate in this clip With the famous Arab star Hatem Al Iraqi.
He said: “The artist Hatem al-Iraqi has all love and appreciation, enjoys great fame and stardom, and has a fan base in Iraq and the Arab world, and I was pleased to collaborate with him in this clip« Your Love to My Own », which I consider an addition to me in my journey with the direction that I started with academic and documentary films. And it continues with singing works.
Hassan Kashmoula explained that the Arab and international audience is looking forward to watching short and short videos, due to the lack of follow-up to the long video works, relying on the beauty of the idea and its shortness, which puts him in mind when presenting his directorial work.
Regarding the new video clip by the artist Hatem Al-Iraqi, “Your Love to and Malki”, the young director Kashmoula relied on a mini-story of a man who celebrates with his wife in particular and presents her with a set of surprises to compensate for his preoccupation with her, within dazzling creative shots and various shots from the wonderful city of Dubai.

Source: Al Ittihad – Abu Dhabi


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