Diplomacy Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: Finland holds diplomatic talks with NATO countries

According to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the discussions will serve as a background for the security policy report being prepared at a rapid pace.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs It is said that Finland’s possible NATO membership has attracted widespread attention in NATO countries, both in Europe and in the United States.

“The current security policy debate in Finland is of interest and stimulates debate,” says Head of the Security Policy and Crisis Management Unit Minna Laajava from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Finland is known as Sweden’s closest NATO partner country, and of course the rapid rise in support for NATO membership is attracting interest.”

According to Laajava, discussions on the topic are currently taking place in diplomatic contacts, from which the missions will report to Finland.

“It is clear that if Finland decided to apply for NATO membership, it would require Finland to have very active diplomacy to get support from all its allies. No decisions have been made on applying for NATO membership. “

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In Finland An up-to-date report on changes in the security environment is currently being prepared for Parliament.

It is expected and hoped to lead to a wide-ranging debate on Finland’s security policy solutions, one of which is NATO membership.

“Our mission is in discussions with the authorities in the host country regarding the report,” says Laajava.

Swedish The Secretary General of NATO was published in Dagens Nyheter on Thursday Jens Stoltenberg interview. It was stated in the interview that, according to sources in NATO’s headquarters, Finns are currently investigating NATO’s position on Finland’s possible membership.

Minna Laajava, do Finnish diplomats ask directly how countries will react if Finland applies to NATO?

“The report that is being prepared is more comprehensive.”

According to the Government, the report is intended to deal with Finland’s foreign, security and defense policy.

However, it also addresses the economic implications of the changed situation, security of supply, preparedness, and border security, cyber security and hybrid impact.

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Foreign minister Pekka Haavisto (green) visited recently In Turkey, where he met, among others, the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlun. Finland has been particularly interested in Turkey’s attitude towards Finland’s possible NATO membership.

Haavisto said that the security policy situation in Finland and the fact that support for NATO membership has increased in Finland were also discussed in bilateral discussions.

However, Haavisto did not want to comment on exactly what the Turkish Foreign Minister had told him about the matter.

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