Diego Maradona: how much would his signing be worth today?


Diego Maradona with the Naples shirt

Diego Maradona with the Naples shirt.


‘La Nación’, Argentina (GDA)

Diego Maradona with the Napoli shirt.

Report on the cost that several ex-figures of world football would have.

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In times of large transfers, of millionaire signings, some wonder what it would be like today to try to have soccer stars like Diego Maradona or the Brazilian Ronaldo.

Do you sign Maradona?

Ottavio Bianchi with Maradona in Naples.

Well, an algorithm has calculated the amounts of the transfer today. The platform called PlayRatings considers that possibility.

The British newspaper The Sun made a comparison with the money that some teams would have invested a few years ago if the signings had been carried out in 2021.

The analysis was made taking as reference some of the highest transfers in history, such as that of Neymar for PSG from Barcelona,

The result is that Inter Milan would have had to be close to £400m to take Ronaldo.

Signing Maradona would have worked out for Napoli for more than de 300 million pounds.

Also, michel platini It would have cost Juventus £290 million, and Marco Van Basten, Milan £290.

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