Did they rob the DIM? The VAR audios in the controversial play, video


National of Uruguay vs.  Medellin

National of Uruguay vs. Medellin


Dante Fernandez. AFP

National of Uruguay vs. Medellin

The Colombian cast fell in replacement time.

Uruguayan National climbed this Wednesday to the top of Group B of the Libertadores Cup 2023 by defeating 2-1 to Independent Medellin in the Great Central Park of Montevideo.

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The Uruguayan tricolors came to occupy the lead alone, with 6 points, followed by the Brazilians from Porto Alegre International, with 4, the
Colombian DIM, with one, and Metropolitans of Venezuela, no units.

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The great controversy

In the last breath of the match, reaching five minutes of discount granted and after a mixed play in the Colombian area, the Argentine Noguera, with a great game, managed to finish off the goal and score the second tricolor goal.

He Central Park exploded with joy, but the celebration was held back because the goal was reviewed by the VAR after angry protests from the visitors of course offside and the hand of Nacional players.

The goal was validated anyway. On the next date, Nacional must travel to Porto Alegre to face his pursuer, Internacional de Porto Alegre, and the
DIM will seek to recover receiving Metropolitans.

Conmebol published the explanation of the play and the audios of the Thursdays that made the decision.
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