Did ‘super champions’ become a reality? See the play that is trending in Japan


Has 'Supercampeones' become a reality?  See the move that is trending in Japan

Screenshots @lyvantoan7

An indirect free kick, in the game between Tokyo and Kashima, revived memories of the ‘fans’.

Four decades after the manga and the ‘anime’ of ‘Supercampeones’, also known as ‘Captain Tsubasa’, was released, it seems that a play went off paper to become reality. And, as the plot of the story dictated, it happened in Japan.

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A ‘super champion’ move

Did 'Supercampeones' come true?  See the play that is trending in Japan

One of the moments of the prolonged charge.


Screenshots @lyvantoan7

In the most recent day of the J1 League, the first division of soccer in Japan, during the match between FC Tokyo and Kashima Antlers, an indirect free kick at the end of the engagement stole all the limelight.

In the play, which was caused after a foul by the goalkeeper, the Kashima Anters players tried to charge several times, but the rivals went ahead in all of them.

After several attempts, the Anters men decided to resort to their ingenuity and staged a ‘feint’ that seemed to have come out of ‘Supercampeones’. At least that is how several Internet users refer to it on Asian networks.

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On TikTok, one of the most popular platforms in Colombia, similar comments.

(Remember that if you read us from the EL TIEMPO App, you can watch the video here).

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