‘Dibu’ Martínez challenges Kylian Mbappé by ‘inviting him’ to play in Colombia


Dibu Martínez and Mbappé

The Argentine, remembered by Colombian fans, spoke about the country to respond to the Frenchman.

After Kylian Mbappé assured that football in South America “is not that advanced” and that the great favorites in the World Cup in Qatar are the Europeans, The reactions of the soccer players on this side of the planet have not been long in coming.

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(In context: Kylian Mbappé: ‘In South America football is not as advanced as in Europe’).

After the Brazilian Fabinho responded to the French striker, It was the Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martínez, remembered for his controversy in the recent qualifiers, the next to join in with his reaction.

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‘In Colombia, you can’t breathe…’

Dibu Martinez

Bolivia, in La Paz, Ecuador, with 30 degrees, Colombia, you can’t even breathe… They always play on perfect, wet courts, and they don’t know what South America is. Every time you travel to the National Team it’s two days back and forth, you’re exhausted and you can’t train much,” the goalkeeper told ‘TyC Sports’ about Mbappé’s statements.

“When an Englishman goes to train with England, in half an hour he is at the venue. Let them go to Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador to see how easy it is for them“, he concluded.

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