Dibu Martínez broke down: the video of her crying in full match with Argentina


Dibu Martínez cries in Argentina vs.  Panama

Dibu Martínez cries in Argentina vs. Panama.



Dibu Martínez cries in Argentina vs. Panama.

The Argentine goalkeeper confirmed that, in the midst of his controversies, he lives with emotions on the surface.

Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martinez He was once again the protagonist in the game between Argentina and Panama. The controversial goalkeeper turned heads when, before the match, the tango singer Ariel Ardit sang the stanzas of his country’s anthem.

At that moment, the television camera took a close-up of the goalkeeper’s face and it was seen that he was invaded by emotion, and that he was crying while singing the Argentine national song.

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The ‘Dibu’ breaks down in tears


Juan Ignacio Roncoroni. efe

With red eyes from emotion and tears running down her cheeksDibu Martínez’s shock was immediately reproduced on social networks and went viral.

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Along with the goalkeeper chosen by Fifa as the best in the world, other soccer players and members of the coaching staff were also moved while the Argentine anthem played.

One of them was Lionel Scaloni himself, technical director of the National Team-considered the best in the world at The Best awards-, who also closed his eyes while the anthem played.

Thus, both Martínez, Scaloni and the rest of the footballers seemed to enjoy, in the middle of the anthem, that unique moment of reunion of the Argentine partiality with the team that had obtained, in Qatar, the third golden star for Argentine football. .

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