Details of HS | The expected lng terminal vessel will arrive in Finland next week

Exemplar has started its journey to Finland. The ship will first visit Gibraltar to fill the tanks with gas before arriving in Inkoo.

Finland the lng terminal ship Exemplar, which was purchased as a security period for natural gas deliveries, has left the shipyard in Spain and started the journey towards Finland. First, the ship travels to Gibraltar, where its tanks are filled with liquid natural gas, or LNG.

The ship left Ferrol on Tuesday, and it is scheduled to arrive in Gibraltar on Friday, according to the ship location information service Marine Traffic. According to HS information, the ship will arrive in Inkoosee next week.

Gasgrid Finland, the state gas grid company responsible for procuring the vessel, does not announce the exact arrival date of the vessel in advance.

“We have said that the ship will come to Finland during December”, CEO of Gasgrid Olli Sipilä says.

The LNG terminal will come to Inkoose, where the port’s preparatory work is already well advanced.

Exemplar is like an lng tanker, which is also able to vaporize gas in liquid form and feed it into the gas network. The vessel can hold a maximum of approximately 151,000 cubic meters of LNG.

LNG is already loaded on the vessel on the way in to speed up the commissioning of the terminal, says Sipilä.

The first LNG delivery is scheduled to arrive at Inkoosee in January.

The ship was in the autumn shipyard in Ferrol, Spain, where modifications were made to it so that it can operate even in the harsh winter conditions of the Baltic Sea. Previously, the ship was operating off the coast of Argentina.

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