Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Albania: The UAE is a sponsor of tolerance and peace in the region

Taolant Bella

Abu Dhabi (WAM)

Tawlant Bella, Deputy Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Albania, affirmed that the UAE is a state sponsor of peace, stability and tolerance in the region, expressing his gratitude for the noble humanitarian stances of the UAE and its wise leadership towards Albania and the Albanian people.
He said that the Emirati-Albanian relations are witnessing continuous development at various levels in light of the support and care of the leaderships of the two countries, noting that these relations are witnessing continuous growth in many fields, and together we look forward to strengthening them, especially at the economic level, adding: The noble towards Albania and its people. When the country was struck by an earthquake in 2019, the UAE was one of the first countries to contribute to the reconstruction process and built about 2,000 homes for the affected, in addition to providing medical aid to support relief efforts during that period, and also contributed to building and rehabilitating Zayed International Airport. In the Albanian city of Cox.
Bella, who is considered the majority leader in the Albanian parliament, stressed that the UAE is one of the countries that sponsor peace, tolerance, coexistence and stability in the region, and Albania plays the same role in the Balkans. We share together in consolidating these lofty values ​​and goals, saying: “Expo 2020 Dubai Which will be hosted by the UAE, and will open next October, will be the most prominent and important global event in light of the “Covid-19” pandemic. He added, “Through our participation in this global event, we look forward to highlighting the distinguished investment opportunities that Albania possesses, the leading tourist destinations and the natural resources that it abounds in,” stressing that Expo 2020 Dubai constitutes an important global platform for strengthening cooperation and partnerships between countries.
He noted that Albania receives Emirati tourists and residents in the UAE without a prior entry visa, and at the rate of two flights per day from Dubai and Sharjah, expressing his hope that Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will facilitate regular daily flights from the capital, Abu Dhabi to Tirana, to activate the tourism and trade exchange between the two sides. . He stressed that Albania’s strategic location in the Balkans made it one of the most promising countries in tourist attractions due to its history, civilization and beautiful nature.
He valued the prominent role played by the UAE government in dealing with the “Covid-19” pandemic and its keenness to proceed on the path of recovery from the pandemic, and the return of life to normal. He added: “During my time in the UAE, I was closely acquainted with the country’s complete readiness to host the world in Expo 2020 Dubai, as the UAE has a distinguished infrastructure as well as an advanced health system capable of enhancing the health and safety of all participants. He said, “There are many investment opportunities in Albania, and we invite Emirati investors to invest in Albania in various fields, including the tourism and real estate sector and clean renewable energy, whether wind or solar energy, and we look forward to cooperating with Masdar, which is one of the most important renewable energy companies.” In the world.
He stated that there are many opportunities for cooperation between the two friendly countries, and that Expo 2020 Dubai provides us with this opportunity not only for Emirati investors, but from all countries of the world. His Excellency congratulated the leadership and people of the UAE on the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of its founding, praising the prominent position it enjoys at the regional and international levels.



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