Denmark Denmark is preparing to reach the age of 18 as the last Nordic country to sell alcohol

The government is currently preparing a plan on how to change the drinking culture of Danish youth.

Danish government parties are ready to raise the age limit for alcohol sales from 16 to 18 years, says Danish newspaper Berlingske.

Today, young people in Denmark can buy, for example, cider, beer, wine and other soft drinks after the age of 16. The age limit for restaurant drinks and sales of spirits is 18 years.

Now the governing parties are ready to consider raising the age limit for alcohol sales. The government is currently preparing a plan on how the alcohol culture of young Danish people could be changed in the future.

Danish newspaper According to BT 22 different organizations have joined forces to create a campaign to draw the attention of politicians to changing the current drinking culture of young people.

The parents’ association Unge og Alkohol is one of the associations that supports the proposal. Director of the Association Ulrich Lauridsen is well aware that people under the age of 18 are likely to acquire alcohol in other ways, but he still supports a bill aimed at raising the age limit.

“We know from surveys that young Danes drink much more than young people in other European countries. Our society needs to respond to that, ”says Lauridsen, according to BT.

According to Lauridsen, it is not just a matter of making it harder for young people to buy alcohol, but also of creating a general change in Danish drinking culture.

“Maybe it could change Danish alcohol culture in the long run, which I don’t think is completely healthy,” he says.

With the Liberal In Denmark, which differs from the other Nordic countries in its alcohol legislation, alcohol laws have been slightly tightened over the past decade.

With regard to age limits, the legislation tightened in 2011 when the age limit for the sale of strong alcoholic beverages became 18 years instead of the previous 16 years.

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