Denmark Danish government approves huge artificial island project, construction of an island near Copenhagen takes almost 50 years

Plans also include a dam system to curb sea level rise in the port of Copenhagen.

Danish Parliament has approved the construction of a huge artificial island off Copenhagen.

Apartments for 35,000 people would be built on an island called Lynetteholm. The island is to be connected to Copenhagen by a ring road, tunnels and a metro line.

In addition, the island would protect the port of Copenhagen from rising sea levels. The plans include a dam system around the island that would curb sea level rise and storm damage.

The approval of the island project was announced, among other things, by a news site BBC and the Danish broadcaster DR.

Approved plans for the island to be 2.6 square miles. The island project is scheduled to begin later this year. If all goes according to plan, the foundations of the island will be ready in 2035. The entire project would be fully completed in 2070.

The Danish nature conservation authorities have opposed the island project. They are concerned about the impact of a huge construction site on the environment, water quality and the marine ecosystem. Opponents have taken the matter to the European Court of Justice.



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