Denmark Danish Demar Prime Minister sets target of ‘zero asylum seekers’

Over the years, the strict foreign policy has clearly reduced the number of applicants to Denmark.

Danish the Social Democratic Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen declared on Friday that Denmark has set itself the goal of not entering any asylum seekers. Frederiksen expressed his views in response to the 73-year-old honorary chairman of the right-wing populist People’s Party. Pia Kjærsgaardin to the question on the subject.

“That’s right, that’s our goal,” Frederiksen told the newspaper Berlingsken by. “Of course we can’t make any promise about it.”

“We cannot promise zero asylum seekers but we can present our views as we did before the last election,” Frederiksen continued. “Namely, that we want a new asylum system and then do what we can to reach that goal.”

Last in, a total of 1,547 people applied for asylum in Denmark, the lowest figure in statistics at least since the late 1990s.

Last year, even fewer asylum applications were submitted to the Finnish Immigration Service, a total of 1,275. Both figures are small, mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Denmark’s tightened asylum and foreign policy for almost the entire last decade is also reflected in the statistics.

In record year 2015, more than 32,000 asylum seekers came to Finland. In the same year, only more than 21,000 people applied for asylum in Denmark, or about one-eighth of the number of asylum seekers who came to Sweden.


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