Denmark Copenhagen allows electric kickboards again, but now new rules apply to them – € 45 fines for improper parking

Electric kickboards were allowed to return to the street scene in Copenhagen this week. However, they are no longer allowed to be parked in the city center.


Danish the capital, Copenhagen, has once again decided to allow the use of electric kickboards in the city.

Copenhagen banned parking of electric kickboards rented by ferry companies in the downtown area about a year ago. This practically decided to rent kickboards in the city.

This week, however, the kickboards were allowed to return to the street scene in Copenhagen.

Boards are now subject to new rules to prevent ferries from parking in the downtown area.

Even under the new rules, the boards can be driven in the city center, but they must be parked in the designated areas.

Improperly parked boards impose fines on the operator of approximately DKK 340 (EUR 45), which the operator may charge the user.

Parking areas are located outside the city center. In practice, you can drive on the boards through the center, and if you want to park temporarily in the center, you must leave the board’s taximeter on.

From January from now on, riders on boards must also wear a helmet.

The Copenhagen decision-makers hope that the new rules will eliminate the problems caused by, among other things, the improper parking of electric kickboards, which the city previously suffered from.

A total of four electric kickboard operators are now allowed to operate in Copenhagen. At least the Swedish Voi and the Estonian Bolt have already started operations.

Both companies also say they are hiring staff to oversee the parking of the ferries. The municipality of Copenhagen has also hired two parking supervisors to monitor parking.

Under the new rules, 3,200 ferries may enter the city. In the Swedish capital, Stockholm, for example, there are seven operators and more than 21,000 ferries.

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