Demonstrations The protest of the August Rebellion continues at Senate Square – All those who have already reached the pipeline are expected to arrive

Police have released the majority of those already arrested from the pipeline.

Protesters in the August Rebellion had erected two larger tents on Senate Square on Monday morning.

Environmental movement The August Rebellion will continue its protest for climate action at Senate Square on Monday.

Police cleared both Unioninkatu and Mannerheimintie protesters on Sunday evening, but already in the evening some of the Augustine rebels moved to Senate Square.

Police arrested a total of 117 people, most of whom have already escaped after spending the night in the tube. Juvenile detainees were released as early as Sunday night.

Elokapina’s media contact Lauri Autere says that, at least initially, the protest will remain in Senate Square, where the event’s rebel center is. Those who have escaped from the pipe are expected to arrive.

The August Rebellion has not received a response from the country’s government to its latest demand to start climate-related crisis communications.

There were about 15 protesters on site at Senate Square on Monday.

Cameraman Kari Pullinen according to the spot was calm on Monday morning. About 15 protesters had gathered in the northwest corner of Senate Square. Tents had also been erected on the site.

Police began clearing Mannerheimintie at eight o’clock on Sunday night when protesters moved there from Unioninkatu.

The traffic on Mannerheimintie was able to pass again at half past nine.

After half past eleven on Sunday night, police said they had also cleared Unioninkatu Elokapina of the protesters. According to a police release, 12 people were arrested on Unioninkatu who did not comply with the police order to leave.

A total of 117 people were arrested from Sunday’s demonstrations in Elokapina. A fine is required for all detainees.

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Elokapinalainen, elected to Helsinki City Council Elina Kauppila (left) tweeted in the morning to get out of the tube.



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