Demonstrations Protesters in August rebellion accuse police of inappropriate treatment, police say “reasonable explanations” for experiences

According to police, the dismantling of the protest went well and the safety of the detainees was guaranteed. Protesters in the Augustine rebellion said the treatment was inappropriate and the conditions in the tube were bad.

Environmental movement Members of the August Rebellion say police treated them improperly when protesters were taken from Mannerheimintie to a tube on Sunday night.

He told me about it earlier Yle.

Elokapina’s media contact Aliisa Maunula tells HS that several members of Elokapina felt they had been treated unfairly and indifferently by the police.

“Of course, we don’t expect the tube to be any hotel, but the treatment should be legal and dignified,” he says.

Helsinki Police Commissioner Jarmo Heinosen however, the treatment was lawful and the priority was to ensure the safety of the protesters.

“The intention was to get a large number of detainees to safe storage facilities promptly. Then there may not be a smile on your face, but I don’t recognize the claim that the police need to take revenge on the protesters for anything, ”he says.

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MaunulaN according to the male police had seized the breasts of one protester several times during the inspection. In addition, according to Maunula, the shirt of the other protester had risen during the arrest situation so that his breasts were exposed.

Heinonen says that he considers it very unlikely that anyone would have intentionally acted as described in a situation that was widely videotaped.

“When people have been carried, the mainstream media has been there. If someone around wanted to act, he would hardly do it in an environment where everything is recorded. ”

Heinonen states that he does not underestimate the experiences of the protesters, but does not believe that the action was intentional.

“People were carried away loose, so it may be that more skin has been exposed than the person would have liked.”

Heinonen is responsible for the accusation of seizure that it should be taken seriously and, if necessary, make a complaint or report a crime.

“At this point, however, it is not known whether this is abuse or the experience gained from a normal inspection,” he says.

Picket considered conditions in police cars and the tube poor. Maunula says the detainees would have been put in unventilated cars so that they had to sit partially on top of each other.

“Personally, I was in the back room with four people. There was no air conditioning on the car, although police say so, and the cars were parked on the spot before heading to the tube, ”he says.

According to Heinonen, no more than three people were carried in the cars, but he admits that he did not inspect every car. According to him, the detainees were quickly transferred to the Race Hall.

“It may be that at the end of the Race Hall you have had to wait for the previous ones to be checked in,” he says.

In addition The members of the August Rebellion found the treatment in the tube unfair. Exceptionally, four people were placed in one tube on Sunday, as police considered the protesters to get along well with each other.

According to Heinonen, there are usually as few people as possible in one cell, and often only one is enough space. However, in exceptional cases, storage capacity can be increased.

Maunula says that there were not enough mattresses and blankets in the tube, for example, and that the cells were rumored several times during the night.

“There were really a lot of people caught. Their safety and taking care of their property were priorities, comfort is secondary, ”says Heinonen.

Inspection of the cells is, according to him, a safety measure so that, for example, a possible collapse of the state of health can be noticed in time. Kolina, he believes, was due to new customers coming into the tube overnight.

Heinosen in his opinion, the police succeeded in securing both the safety of the protesters and the continuation of traffic on Mannerheimintie.

“I don’t underestimate their experiences, but when I look at policing for a long time, I find rational explanations for those experiences. I don’t see anyone intentionally doing badly. ”



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