Demonstrations Police arrested three at a gathering of a group related to the August Rebellion, climbed a statue in Mannerheim

Helsinki police say they arrested two people after they climbed a statue in Mannerheim and one who did not follow the order to leave.

Helsinki the police inform about a gathering of about 50 people in Mannerheiminaukio in the center of Helsinki. According to the Helsinki Police Command Center, the police do not know who the gatherers are, as the police have not received a demonstration or incident report about the incident in advance.

Police said two people climbed the Mannerheim statue. Police asked the rescue service for furniture assistance to get them down safely.

The people who climbed the statue did not initially obey the police’s order to land, but nevertheless climbed down the statue themselves. Police arrested them for stubbornness. Police said the climbers were ordered down for safety reasons.

In addition, the police arrested a third person who disobeyed the police order to leave.

To the Elokapina movement, Queerkapina said on Twitter this afternoon that it would start an event called EkoQueerUtopia in front of Kiasma. The Queerkapina, in its own words, seeks to unite the movements of environmental and social justice in its activities.



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