Demonstrations | Media: More than a hundred protesters were arrested in Israel on Thursday

The protesters are against the law reform pushed by the Prime Minister’s coalition of conservatives and extreme right-wingers.

Israel a total of more than a hundred people who took part in the protests were arrested on Thursday in violent protests, according to the police newspaper Haaretz by.

Demonstrators oppose the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a law reform pushed by the government coalition uniting conservatives and extreme right-wingers, which would increase the power of politicians over the country’s judiciary.

According to the protesters, the project endangers Israel’s democracy. Netanyahu has so far refused to back down from the project, even though his own government’s defense minister and the leadership of the country’s armed forces and security forces also have said, that widespread protests are already endangering the country’s national security. Thousands of reservists have participated in the demonstrations.

He has also said that he will personally participate in the passage of the legal package, although according to Israel’s attorney general he should stay away due to a conflict of interest, Haaretz reports.

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