Democracy | The court rejected the Republican candidate’s appeal of the result of the Arizona gubernatorial election

The court’s decision is a significant loss for Kari Lake, who lost the election.

Stateside In the state of Arizona, the court has rejected the Republican candidate Kari Laken filed a complaint about the result of the November gubernatorial election.

According to his own interpretation, Lake was the winner of the election and demanded that his defeat be overturned. According to the judge who made the decision, there were no clear or credible grounds for the claim. The judge also confirmed that Lake beat the Democrats by 17,000 votes by Katie Hobbs election victory.

The court’s decision is a significant defeat for Lake, whose election campaign centered on showing support for former president Donald Trump’s claims of erroneous results in the previous presidential election.

Lake announced on Twitter to appeal the court’s decision.

“This judge did not resolve the matter in our favor. Despite this, in order to restore faith and integrity in our elections, I intend to appeal his decision.”

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Lake has claimed that momentary problems with the printing of ballots at some polling stations were deliberate and directed against him. The authorities have assured that no votes have been left uncounted.

Election fraud has been a hot topic in Arizona since Pres Joe Biden narrowly won in the state About Donald Trump two years ago. Republican supporters have since repeatedly made accusations of election fraud, although no evidence of this has been found despite numerous investigations.

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