Defense Forces | The calls for military service start today – almost 37,000 men will participate

The regional offices of the Defense Forces organize a total of 540 invitation events throughout the fall.

Conscription military service starts today, Maavoimat says in its press release. Men born in 2004 are on call.

During the autumn, the regional offices of the Defense Forces organize a total of 540 invitation events in more than 240 locations around Finland.

Almost 37,000 people will participate in the invitations this year. The invitations last until mid-December.

In addition to the age group on the call-up shift, people from previous years who have been reassigned to be checked to determine their service status participate in call-ups. In addition, people who have been left out of invitations in previous years without a legal obstacle participate in the invitations.

Law women do not participate in call-ups, but can apply for voluntary military service with a separate application. Applications for women’s voluntary military service must be submitted no later than January next year.

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According to the Swedish Army, every conscript must participate in call-ups, if the regional office has not specifically exempted him from the obligation to be present.

In the call-ups, the serviceability of the conscript is determined and the service is decided on the basis of that.

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