Dead | The world’s oldest Olympic athlete has died at the age of 107

Former sailor Félix Sienra died at the age of 107.

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World the oldest Olympic athlete Felix Sienra is dead.

He slept peacefully away at the venerable age of 107 years.

“He took off his captain’s armband and got off the ship,” the sailor’s daughter Magdalena Sienra told the German poignantly For Welt magazine.

Sienra competed in sailing at the London Olympics in 1948. She placed second in the second heat of the Firefly class and sixth overall.

Sienra was still sailing at 100 years old on her birthday. After that, he didn’t sail anymore, even though he was still in good shape in the following years, according to his own words.

The Uruguayan Olympic Committee also reported on the death of the old master sailor on its Twitter account.

Sienra was born in 1916. She recently remembered Weltin an interview with the magazine about how it was possible to witness the final victory of the Uruguayan football world championships in 1930. He said that he celebrated his country’s historic World Cup gold with his friends by grilling and drinking wine.

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“It was the first and last time I pulled a proper handle,” the sailor recalled.

By profession Sienra was a lawyer, but he also did long-term work to promote sports in his country. He served as the General Director of the Uruguayan Olympic Committee and Commodore of the Uruguayan Sailing Club.

After the passing of the sailor, the title of the oldest Olympic athlete is now held by a French long jumper Yvonne Chabot-Curtet. He finished eighth in the 1948 London Olympics and also competed in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

Chabot-Curtet turns 103 on May 28.

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