Dead Singer Ronnie Spector has died at the age of 78

Ronnie Spector is known as the lead character in The Ronettes, which became popular in the 1960s.

American singer Ronnie Spector has died on Wednesday, news agencies say. Spector died at the age of 78.

He is known as the lead character of The Ronettes, which became popular in the 1960s. The band’s hit songs include Be My Baby, Baby, I Love You and Walking in the Rain. Spector has been said to be an iconic singer.

Spector’s death was reported by his family on Wednesday. According to the family, Spector had been suffering from cancer for a short time.

Spector was originally called Veronica Bennett, and was born in New York in 1943.

He founded The Ronettes in 1957 with his sister and cousin. The band’s career took off Phil Spectorin with the band ‘s only album in 1964.

The Ronettes disbanded in 1967. After the band disbanded, Ronnie Spector began his solo career. His last remaining album is from 2016 and is called English Heart.

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Phil Spector died in January 2021. He was a doomed actor Lana Clarkson from murder to prison in 2009.

Ronnie Spector was married to Phil Spector, but the alliance ended.

Ronnie Spector in 2010 at the annual Rock And Roll Hall of Fame presentation ceremony in New York.

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