Dead Pirkko Liinamaa, a long-time regular member of the record jury, has died: “Temperamental and fast-paced also in private life,” the boy recalls.

The happy and talkative Liinamaa performed as a regular member of the Record Society for more than ten years.

Pirkko Liinamaa is dead. The matter is confirmed to HS by his son Jukka Liinamaa.

For Finns, among other things Record albumLiinamaa, who is familiar with the television program, died on Friday morning, January 22, at the age of 88, exhausted by a long-term illness. According to Jukka Liinamaa, his mother suffered from a memory disorder for a long time.

“Mother’s death was no surprise. He was slowly exhausted after a long illness, ”says Jukka Liinamaa.

Jukka Liinamaa took care of his mother’s affairs and was with his mother on the last night of this.

“We talked nice about the world going and the grandchildren,” she says. Pirkko Liinamaa had four children, nine grandchildren and four grandchildren.

Liinamaa was born on February 24, 1932.

Happy and talkative Liinamaa performed Record track as a full member for more than ten years. Her trademark was bluish-dyed hair.

“The mother’s brand as the kingdom’s blue hair was born then. Yes, we children also followed him every now and then in amusement From the record track. My mother was temperamental and fast-paced in her private life as well, ”Liinamaa recalls.

In the late 1980s, Liinamaa had its own program on television Pirkon chamber, and then he did a radio program Good morning Finland and ran for many years the radio’s Christmas and Midsummer supervisors Klaus Thomassonin with. In addition, he wrote riots.

Record album began on television in the fall of 1961. In the program, standard judges and invited guests scored songs on a scale of 1 to 10. The model was the British program Juke Box Jury.

Liinamaa started On the record in 1976 the then leader of the program Jaakko Jahnukainen on application.

“Jahnu had listened to me on the radio when I visited Pirkko Tuominen in the night program I would like to hear this record. Then she called my husband Keijo to Liinamaa to ask if he has anything against going to the program. Keijo did suffer from it, because some viewers thought that the place should have belonged to someone other than the wife of a well-paid official, ”Liinamaa told Ilta-Sanomat in 2011.

Jukka Liinamaa says that before From the record track in a pivotal career, her mother focused on family and being a housewife. He was married to the national mediator and Prime Minister Keijo Liinamaa.

“My father died in 1980, and after that, my mother made a long career in various public relations positions in addition to television.”

For many years, Liinamaa served as the host of United Photo Magazine’s reader trips and then as the nationwide host of the bank’s customers. “I traveled around Finland in both the Nordic and Baltic countries at various events and evenings,” Liinamaa told Ilta-Sanomat in 2011.

Liinamaa was a non-aligned presidential voter in the 1982 presidential election.

In 2011, Liinamaa said that he lived an active life as a pensioner: He lived in his childhood landscape in Helsinki, drove a full head car and loved various cultural events. He was a member of the Literary Circle, the Pro Opera and the Ida Aalberg Foundation, and actively attended the theater and opera near which he lived.

Pirkko told about Liinamaa’s death first Iltalehti.

Record members in the summer of 1987: Jukka Virtanen, Klaus Järvinen, Pirkko Liinamaa, Pekka Kyrö, Harriet Weslander and Remu Aaltonen.­

Jukka Virtanen, Klaus Järvinen and Pirkko Liinamaa at the celebration of the Oulunkylä Pop & Jazz Conservatory at Kalastajatorppa in 1988.­


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